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Clipper Customer Service Center

Clipper Customer Service Center

AC Transit & Clipper Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

The AC Transit & Clipper Customer Service Center offers various services, such as transit fare sales, BikeLink, Regional Transit Connection (RTC) processing, Lost and Found retrieval and a full range of Clipper services.

1600 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
8:00 am to 12:30 pm, 1:00 to 5:00 pm

Clipper Services Offered:

  • Issue New or Replacement Clipper Cards for Adult, Youth, and Senior
    • Process and register Clipper card applications
    • Replace damaged or defective cards, which includes transferring value from old card
    • Replace lost or stolen cards, including transferring value from old card (transfer occurs the following day after customer report card lost or stolen to Clipper. Customers must first call Clipper at (877) 878-8883 to report a lost or stolen card in order to block the card from further use. The block becomes effective overnight and staff at the customer service center can issue a new card the following day
  • Load Value or Fares onto Clipper Cards
    • Load cash and/or passes from all participating Clipper transit operators (AC Transit, BART, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, San Francisco MTA (Muni), SamTrans, VTA)
    • Pick up current actions to cards, such as Autoload instructions, unblocking cards, orders for Clipper value (actions initiated earlier via phone or online to Clipper at (877) 878-8883)

Clipper Services Not Offered:
(Customers should call Clipper at (877) 878-8883 for assistance)

  • Issue refunds
  • Unblock cards
  • Research billing issues, charge errors, transaction histories, etc.
  • Correct errors in adding cash value or passes