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Policy Steering Committee (BRT)

Policy Steering Committee (BRT)

The Policy Steering Committee for the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project (the "Committee") was dissolved by the Board of Directors of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District on October 27, 2021. 

The Committee was initially established in 1998 to oversee the District’s Major Investment Study and to make recommendations to the AC Transit Board of Directors for investments in the Berkeley-Oakland-San Leandro corridor.  Over the years, the Committee met at key junctures in project decision-making such as the selection of alignment, mode or design treatments in each city. 

The Committee was composed of three members of the AC Transit Board of Directors, and representatives of MTC, the cities of Oakland and San Leandro as well as Alameda County.

Committee Members:

Elsa Ortiz (AC Transit)Dina El-Tawansy (Caltrans)
Jean Walsh (AC Transit)Pauline Cutter (City of San Leandro)
H.E. Christian Peeples (AC Transit)Supervisor Nate Miley (Alameda County)
Noel Gallo (City of Oakland) Rebecca Kaplan (City of Oakland)

Contact Information:

Meeting Information:
Meeting agendas will be posted at least 72 hours in advance for regular meetings and 24 hours in advance for special meetings.  Regular meetings are generally held on a quarterly basis at the AC Transit General Offices in the 2nd Floor Board Room located at 1600 Franklin Street in Oakland, California. To review agendas for meetings occurring after September 1, 2019, please click on Public Meetings, which is also accessible from the AC Transit home page.

MeetingsAgenda Minutes Agenda Packet
May 9, 2019Agenda-Agenda Packet
February 7, 2019AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
October 4, 2018AgendaMinutesAgenda packet
May 31, 2018AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet (updated)
February 15, 2018AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
October 5, 2017AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
June 29, 2017AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
March 30, 2017AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
September 15, 2016AgendaMinutesRevised Agenda Packet
May 12, 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
March 10, 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
January 14, 2016Agenda (Revised)MinutesAgenda Packet (Updated)
November 12, 2015AgendaMinutes Agenda Packet
September 3, 2015 AgendaMinutes Agenda Packet
July 9, 2015AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
September 30, 2014AgendaMinutes  Agenda Packet
April 30, 2014AgendaMinutes  Agenda Packet
March 24, 2014AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
January 27, 2014Agenda MinutesAgenda Packet (Updated)
December 9, 2013Cancellation Notice
September 30, 2013AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
May 17, 2013Agenda MinutesPresentation
April 19, 2013Cancellation Notice
February 15, 2013Agenda MinutesPresentation
November 9, 2012 Agenda MinutesPresentation
September 14, 2012 Agenda MinutesPresentation
June 15, 2012Agenda MinutesPresentation
 March 16, 2012 Agenda Minutes Presentation
 January 20, 2012 Agenda Minutes Presentation
September 16, 2011Agenda Minutes Presentation
May 20, 2011Agenda Minutes Presentation
Agenda Packet
December 17, 2010Cancellation Notice
November 19, 2010Meeting Cancelled
October 15, 2010Meeting Cancelled
September 17, 2010Meeting Cancelled
August 20, 2010Cancellation Notice
July 16, 2010Cancellation Notice
June 18, 2010Cancellation Notice
May 21, 2010AgendaAgenda Packet
April 16, 2010Cancellation Notice
March 19, 2010AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
February 19, 2010AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
January 22, 2010AgendaAgenda Packet
November 20, 2009AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
October 16, 2009AgendaMinutes
August 21, 2009AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet
July 17, 2009Meeting Cancelled
June 19, 2009AgendaMinutesAgenda Packet