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reNEW COVID-19 Action Plan

reNEW COVID-19 Action Plan

reNEW: Keeping the East Bay Moving. Ensuring the East Bay Thrives.

AC Transit has been keeping the East Bay moving for 60 years. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community took over 53 million rides annually. Whether you’re currently riding or will be back with us soon, we’re working through our action plan around the clock to provide you with a safe ride. You will experience enhanced health and safety practices the moment you board.

illustration of people with masks titled Health and Wellness

Clean, disinfect, and ventilate. Our buses undergo daily disinfecting using EPA-approved products. We’ve also increased the cleaning of the onboard air with state-of-the-art HVAC filtration.

Face coverings required. Face coverings are not only required by law, but studies show they are vital to stopping the spread. Make sure you always wear yours at bus stops and on board. We’ve placed signs and notifications on our buses and at many bus stops to remind you.

Distance is healthy. Physical distancing ordinances require us to limit the number of riders on board. Check the signs on the doors for capacity limits and remember to add a little extra time for a healthy trip. You’ll also find reminders throughout your trip to keep your distance.

Our employees are essential. To ensure we thrive, we have provided our essential employees with disinfecting wipes, masks, face shields, gloves, and eye protection. Our innovative team has designed and installed protective operator shields on every coach for added safety. We’ve also increased cleaning and disinfecting of our workspaces and are requiring daily temperature checks at all AC Transit facilities.

illustration of buses titled Service and Operations

Adjust service and run larger buses. We’re making service adjustments and running larger buses when resources are available to accommodate additional riders.

More buses on standby. Additional buses are waiting on standby to accommodate rider overflow created by bus capacity limitations.

illustration of a document titled communications and engagement

Increase signage. We’ve installed new signage on our buses and at our stops to help you navigate our system, including service changes, and remind you of the needed steps to keep yourself and others healthy.

Keep you informed. We’ve been providing daily updates about what we’ve done to protect your health and well-being through our digital communication channels, at-stop signage, service alerts, and media releases, as well as through our relationships with our community partners. Our Customer Service Agents are still available seven days a week by phone and five days a week at our Customer Service Center in Oakland. We’ve also launched a new mobile app to provide the latest customer and service information.

Seek more input. We always strive to best meet the needs of our riders. We’ve been learning more about your needs through surveys and outreach. As we plan for the future, we’ll continue to seek your input.

Ensure regional coordination. We’ll continue to coordinate with other regional transit and government agencies to support a cohesive region-wide response.

illustration of lightbulb titled innovation for recovery

Expand contactless payment. We’ve introduced new options for contactless payment.

Enhance real-time information. We’ve launched the rider capacity feature which shares real-time information about which buses have reached their capacity limits so you can plan accordingly.

Adopt new safety-related technologies. We've been introducing new tools, like employee contact tracing, to keep everyone healthy and improve your ride.