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Goodbye RTC Monthly Sticker, Hello Clipper

Goodbye RTC Monthly Sticker, Hello Clipper

October 27,2022

Regional Transit Connection (RTC) cardholders can now receive discounted bus fares by uploading AC Transit Monthly passes onto RTC Clipper Cards. Instead of going through the hassle of purchasing stickers each month, RTC cardholders can quickly upload discounted monthly passes onto their Clipper Cards.

Monthly stickers will no longer be used after December 2022. RTC cardholders can easily make the transition from monthly stickers to monthly passes starting today!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Purchase an AC Transit Monthly Pass.

You can visit any Clipper sales location including AC Transit & Clipper Card Customer Service Center for assistance with uploading passes onto your RTC Clipper Card. Also, RTC cardholders can use Online Clipper Card Accounts to automatically purchase discounted bus passes with a mobile phone or computer.

Step 2:
Tag the Clipper Card Reader with your RTC Clipper Card upon boarding your AC Transit bus.

You will not need to show your RTC Discount ID to the bus operator. You will automatically receive the same discounted fare that would have been offered using a sticker.