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Get on Board with EasyPass!

AC Transit’s EasyPass programs are delivering a true mode shift to public transportation. EasyPass is an easily affordable, annual, group transit benefit for 100 or more participants. Offered to employers, residential communities, and colleges, EasyPass gets pass holders anywhere AC Transit goes — anytime!

Give your group access to unlimited bus rides all year long by paying a small fee* for everyone in your group. By sponsoring a large pool of participants, the individual costs for access are low, giving every participant the right to unlimited bus service whenever they want.

The biggest obstacle to people using public transportation is often their unfamiliarity with transit. With their EasyPass card in hand, users learn how to get around. Pass holders decide when and how often to ride. A “try it, you’ll like it” concept, EasyPass creates new riders and encourages current users to ride public transportation more. Today, over 75,000 Bay Area residents from the East Bay, San Francisco, and the Peninsula have access to AC Transit EasyPass rides.

Get your group the highly sought-after benefit — EasyPass, for pennies on the dollar. Contact AC Transit EasyPass at 510-891-4709 for your group estimate.

*While EasyPass programs are invoiced annually, EasyPass programs cost as little as $5-$18 a month per participant depending on program, location and group size.

EasyPass Business Rider

EasyPass Program for Employers

The AC Transit EasyPass program is great for your employees, the environment, and your bottom line. It’s an excellent employee recruitment and retention tool that may help you satisfy a commuter benefits ordinance or qualify for green certification.1

The biggest benefit for your employees is the awesome discount. When compared to buying fares at full price, you’ll realize big savings—the maximum annual price for an employee EasyPass is less than the monthly price of a regular pass with equal service!2 It’s like giving your employees a raise. Moreover, both you and your employees would pay lower taxes when EasyPass is set up as a pretax-benefit.3

Enabling employees to use the bus instead of driving alone is one of the most effective ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help make the world a little greener. Getting employees to work on public transit leaves more parking for your customers and helps to alleviate traffic for everyone.

Residential Communities
EasyPass Residential (Park Alameda)

Easy Pass for Residential Communities

The AC Transit EasyPass program provides discounted bus passes, valid at any time on all AC Transit local and transbay lines, to residential communities with 100 or more units.1

EasyPass is great for your residents, the environment, and your bottom line. Providing residents with free or low-cost access to transit service lets them get around town without having to drive alone, which alleviates traffic around your community, reduces the need for parking, and can help you qualify for green certification.2

New constructions can realize even greater savings by planning for increased transit use by residents during the construction phase. If more residents use public transportation rather than individual vehicles, your community will not require as many parking spaces. That means lower construction costs in the short term and lower property taxes further on.3 Additionally, sizing parking capacity to meet but not exceed local zoning requirements can help you attain LEED and other green certifications.4

The biggest benefit for your residents is the savings they’ll realize by using their EasyPasses. When compared to buying fares at full price, you’ll realize big savings—the maximum annual price for an employer EasyPass is less than the monthly price of a regular pass with equal service! It’s an incentive that can help you achieve full occupancy in a competitive market.

EasyPas College Rider

Easy Pass for Colleges

The AC Transit EasyPass program provides discounted bus passes, valid at any time on all AC Transit local and transbay lines, to colleges and universities with 100 or more students.

EasyPass is great for your campus community, the environment, and your bottom line. Providing students with free or low-cost access to transit service lets them get around town without having to drive alone, which alleviates traffic around campus, reduces the need for parking, and can help you save money on ancilliary transportation costs.

The biggest benefit for your students is the awesome discount. Compared to driving or purchasing their own transit passes, having an EasyPass can save students thousands of dollars a year, freeing up money for books, tuition, or anything else.

Getting started with EasyPass

It’s easy to start and administer an EasyPass program. Once an agreement is signed, AC Transit will create the EasyPass cards and work with you to develop a process for distributing the passes to participants. AC Transit’s EasyPass team will help you market the program to your employees. We also provide ridership reporting and survey services so that you can assess how the program is working.

How does EasyPass work?

Employer EP Sample EasyPass ClipperCard

Each of your employees will receive a Clipper® card with his or her name and photo printed on the back. An EasyPass will be preloaded onto each card, and passes will continue to be renewed and remotely loaded onto the same Clipper® card for as long as the employee remains eligible for an EasyPass.

Clipper® cards are a convenient way to travel on AC Transit, BART, Muni, SamTrans, Caltrain, Santa Clara VTA, Golden Gate Ferry & Transit, and San Francisco Bay Ferry. In addition to an AC Transit EasyPass, your employees can load cash value or another agency’s fare products to the same Clipper® card, which will automatically apply any relevant discounts and transfer rules. You can find more information on the Clipper® website.

If a member of your staff leaves your company, AC Transit will remotely deactivate his or her EasyPass. He or she can continue to use the Clipper® card by loading value to pay for transit fare.

How are EasyPasses priced?

A program is established for a defined employee pool — for example, all full-time employees or all employees who live in AC Transit’s service district. Employers must provide passes for all employees in the defined pool regardless of current or anticipated usage. The EasyPass is not refundable or transferable to anyone else. EasyPass pricing factors in the size of the participant pool, your level of transit service, and some pass production and program management costs.

Employers pay an annual per-participant price ranging from $49.45 to $154.10 based on the location and the level of AC Transit service at the site. Employers can choose to subsidize the cost of the pass (in part or in whole) or to pass the cost on to employees as a group benefit. The employer is responsible for making all payments to AC Transit.

Your Level of Transit Service (LTS) is a numerical score that reflects the frequency and concentration of commuter bus service available within the ¼ mile of your worksite (and ½ mile for transbay, Rapid, or BRT service. Scores range from 1-4 with 1 representing the highest level of service and 4 the lowest. Only peak-hour service is considered when calculating your score, and adjustments are made for gaps in service, impediments to pedestrian access, and whether the lines in your immediate vicinity provide service to and from San Francisco or the Peninsula. Employers with higher population pools, or number of employees, will have lower pricing.

How can we start an EasyPass program?

Call or email us to set up a meeting.

Call us (510) 891-5444 or email us at We’ll set up a brief meeting to answer your questions and help you determine if EasyPass is right for your business.

Determine your participant pool and receive a pricing estimate.

After meeting with you, we’ll work with you to identify the best participant pool and provide you with an official cost estimate. Additional information on EasyPass pricing can be found under the How are EasyPasses priced? section of this page.

Receive a program proposal.

Based on your selected participant pool, level of transit service, and specific needs and circumstances, we will develop a detailed program proposal for your business.

What happens once we decide to start an EasyPass program

Once you decide to proceed with EasyPass, AC Transit will help you implement and maintain your program by taking the following steps:

  • Conduct a baseline surveyYour EasyPass program will be tailored to your business’ particular needs. We will conduct a survey of your employees to determine how they currently get to work and use this data as a baseline against which to compare the ridership data over the life of your agreement. EasyPass is results-driven, so if we see that your program could be more effective, we will adjust our marketing and promotional efforts to ensure that your organization is getting the most it can from EasyPass.
  • Identify a Site CoordinatorChoose someone at your organization to be the point of contact for your employees and to administer limited parts of the program (this can be your HR or operations administrator). We will provide him or her with the training necessary to keep your program running smoothly.
  • Give everyone an EasyPassEveryone who’s eligible should have access to an EasyPass. We’ll conduct a photo registration event for all participants. Photos will be used to create personalized EasyPasses.
  • Receive resources & supportWe want your program to be a success and will help you promote it to your employees. The AC Transit EasyPass team will help you get the word out by providing free marketing services and materials, including:
    • Promotional items
    • Ridership reports
    • Printed collateral about AC Transit services
    • General marketing and promotional assistance