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AC Transit is seeking quotes from qualified, US-based firms to provide temporary on-site bus washing services during construction and testing of the bus wash equipment at the District’s D4 Operating Division located at 1100 Seminary Ave, Oakland, CA 94621.
The vendor shall:
1. Provide all equipment, tools, supplies, materials, transportation, labor and perform all operations necessary to wash the exterior of the bus fleet under the resulting contract (from this RFQ).
2. Provide wash processes that will capture all wastewater. Vendor is required to remove and properly dispose of all wastewater from the project site.

Procurement Administrator

Terra Duan
Phone:   Fax: 

Procurement Instructions

Questions/Clarifications are due by 4:00p on 14 September 2020. Unless otherwise instructed, all inquiries relating to this RFQ must (a) be delivered to the SPC via email submission; (b) reference the RFQ number and title as well as the deadline time and date; (c) identify Vendor’s name and contact information; (d) refer to the specific area of the RFQ being questioned (i.e. section and paragraph number); and (e) be received on/before the due date and time stated herein. Unauthorized contact with other District staff regarding this RFQ may result in the disqualification of the Vendor.
Responses to questions will be posted on/about 17 September 2020.

Scope of Work

Please see attached Request for Quotations.

Submittal Info

Vendors may submit quotes for this project (and presentations) via email to on/before 2:00p Pacific Time on 22 September 2020. To receive consideration, quotes with all required information must be delivered on/before the deadline date. Requests for extensions of this time and date will not be granted, unless deemed to be in the District’s best interest.
The District will not be responsible for corruption of any file submitted. If the submitted file cannot be viewed and printed as submitted, it will not be considered. Vendors are responsible for verifying successful delivery of electronic transmission to the SPC on/before the submission deadline time and date as late submissions will not be considered. When sending bids by email, Vendors are responsible for marking the email “return receipt” and “notify when read” to ensure to know the District has received the submission and to be alerted when the email was opened at the predetermined submission opening time. Once the email is received by the District, you will receive an email acknowledgement notification confirming receipt of the submission. In order to ensure your full response is evaluated, you must also provide a flash drive and two (2) hard copy versions (one (1) original and one (1) copy) of the Technical Bid and Price Forms prior to the bid due date and time deadline.
Vendors may opt to not email a bid and only submit final bids by U.S. mail, private carrier (UPS/FedEx), or hand delivery in sealed envelopes to the SPC’s attention on/before the due date and time indicated in Part I, Schedule of Events. Vendors choosing to only mail their bids shall allow for sufficient mail time to ensure receipt of their bids by the Procurement Department by the time and date fixed for acceptance of the bids. (Please note: Vendors choosing to submit bids via U.S. Mail should allow at least an additional twenty-four (24) hours in the delivery process for internal District mailroom distribution). The Vendor should ensure the Bid Form is in a separate sealed envelope from the Technical Proposal. All packages shall be clearly marked with the RFQ Number, Project Title, and the Due Date and Time. Final Bids, including the required hard copies and flash drive, received after the time and date specified will not be considered and will be deemed as disqualified. Bids will be accepted and logged in at the time and date specified above.
The District will reject any bids lacking the required flash drive and hard copies, responses containing unsolicited bid addenda, or bids that are received after the deadline. The District recommends that Vendors submit bids as early as possible. The District will reject late bids regardless of the cause for the delay. Submission of a bid shall constitute a firm offer to the District for one hundred fifty (150) calendar days from the submission deadline for bids.

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