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The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (‘AC Transit’ or the ‘District’) is issuing this Request for Proposal to receive proposals on or before 31 August 2020 no later than 4:00p Pacific Standard Time, at the District’s General Office, 1600 Franklin Street, Oakland, California 94612, for one (1) or more qualified firm(s) (hereafter referred to as "Offeror") to provide Executive Recruitment Services, as set out in Part III, Scope of Services. The District invites sealed proposals in accordance with the provisions, specifications, and instructions set forth in this RFP.
It is the intent of AC Transit to hire the selected firm for a term of three (3) years for the purpose of recruiting candidates for executive positions, certain senior level management and /or difficult to recruit specialized positions, on an as-needed basis.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) outlines the scope of services requested for the District, as well as information that should be included in the proposal. It includes the District’s objectives, describes the general characteristics of the services to be provided, and (without being exhaustive) outlines the principal obligations of the District and the selected Offeror. Additional details on the scope of the goods or services or both are included in the Scope of Services section. Late proposals will not be considered. All Offerors are cautioned to read the entire RFP, noting insurance and submittal requirements, and to complete all required forms. Failure to provide all requested information may cause the proposal to be considered nonresponsive.

Procurement Administrator

Eslyn Tripuraneni
Phone: (510) 891-5434  Fax: 

Procurement Instructions
Scope of Work

See Scope of Services section within the RFP.

Submittal Info

To receive consideration, proposals must be received by the Procurement Department no later than 4:00p local time on the date indicated in Part I, Schedule of Events. Clocks are located throughout the Procurement Department, at the District’s front lobby desk, and can also be verified by visiting Requests for extensions of this time and date will not be granted, unless deemed to be in the District’s best interest. Final Technical and Price Proposals shall be submitted electronically via email, organized as outlined herein. The electronic copy must contain all required completed and signed forms. Price information must be submitted as a separate electronic file from the Technical Proposal file. In order to submit proposals to AC Transit, Offeror must comply with the following:
Offeror’s electronic submission must be formatted using Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Excel (.xls) with the total combined size of the proposal and price information compressed so it does not exceed 10.0 megabytes. File proposals shall conform to the naming convention of: “RFP Number_Company Name” (Ex: “RFP2020-1234_AC Transit”).
The Technical Proposal must be included as a (.pdf) file; and the Price Proposal must be submitted as a separate Microsoft Excel (.xls) file with all related Attachments. The District will not be responsible for corruption of any file submitted. If the submitted file cannot be viewed and printed as submitted, it will not be considered.
Offerors are responsible for verifying successful delivery of electronic transmission to the SPC on/before the time and date specified in Part I, Schedule of Events as late submissions will not be considered. When sending proposals by email, Offeror is responsible for marking the email “return receipt” and “notify when read” to ensure the District has received the submission and to be alerted when the email was opened at the predetermined submission opening time. Once Offeror’s email is received by the District, Offeror will receive an email acknowledgement notification confirming receipt of the submission. In order to ensure the full response is evaluated, Offeror must also provide a flash drive and two (2) hard copy versions of the Technical and Price Proposals.
Alternatively to email submission, Offerors may opt to submit final proposals by U.S. mail, private carrier (UPS/FedEx), or hand delivery in sealed envelopes to the SPC’s attention on/or before the due date and time indicated in Part I, Schedule of Events. Offerors mailing their proposals shall allow for sufficient mail time to ensure receipt of their proposals by the Procurement Department by the time and date fixed for acceptance of the proposals. (Please note: Offerors choosing to submit proposals via U.S. Mail should allow at least an additional twenty-four (24) hours in the delivery process for internal District mailroom distribution.) The Offeror should ensure the Cost Proposal is in a separate sealed envelope from the Technical Proposal. All packages shall be clearly marked with the Offeror’s Name, the RFP Number, Project Title, and the Due Date and Time. Proposals (or unsolicited amendments to proposals) received after the time and date specified will not be considered and will be deemed as disqualified. Proposals will be accepted and logged in at the time and date specified above.
The District will reject any Proposals or unsolicited Proposal addenda that are received after the deadline. The District recommends that Offerors submit Proposals as early as possible. The District will reject late Proposals regardless of the cause for the delay. Submission of a Proposal shall constitute a firm offer to the District for one hundred fifty (150) calendar days from the submission deadline for Proposals.

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