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IFB 2020-1491 BRT Rub Rail

IFB 2020-1491 BRT Rub Rail

AC Transit Number

AC Transit (the "District") is seeking bids from qualified firms for the purchase of 64 plastic railings for the District's station platforms.

To mimic “rail-like” service, the District has installed raised platforms to facilitate level boarding for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service. However, as the body of the bus extends below the platform, there is potential for the bus to make contact with the platform, causing damage to the BRT buses. To minimize the likelihood of such incidents, staff are introducing “rub rails” which guide the bus along the platform curb; ensuring that the bus body does not contact the platform. Additionally, these rub rails provide for a consistent horizontal gap between the bus and the platform. This sacrificial plastic rub rail will provide ADA accessibility, driver safety, station protection and seamless boarding for BRT passengers.

Procurement Administrator

Michael Silk
Phone:   Fax: 

Procurement Instructions
Scope of Work

It is the intent of the District to purchase 64 customized plastic railings for the Bus Rapid Transit median and curbside stations.

The Rub Rails shall be delivered in batches to Oakland, CA. The first batch to be delivered no later than October 18, 2019 and the last batch no later than November 29, 2019. Please include the number of kits per batch in order to meet this delivery timeframe.

Submittal Info

Bidders are instructed to submit their electronic bids to Michael Silk by 4 pm on Friday 09/13/2019. Although not preferred, hard copies can be sent to 1600 Franklin Street, 6th floor, Oakland, CA 94612 attn: Michael Silk. Proposals shall be clearly marked indicating the Proposer’s name and the IFB number (2020-1491). Acceptable electronic formats include; .pdf ( Portable Document Format), .doc (Microsoft Word Document), .docx (Microsoft Word Open XML document), .xlsx (Microsoft Excel document), .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Open XML document), .ppt (Microsoft Power Point file), .pptx (Microsoft Power Point Open XML file).

Awarded Amount
$ 360,000.00
Awarded To
Laird Plastics Inc