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2020-10433 AC Transit Map and Regional Map

2020-10433 AC Transit Map and Regional Map

AC Transit Number

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District ("AC Transit" or 'District") is requesting 2 lump sum quotes for 2 cartographic services for the Mapping.

Procurement Administrator

Dora English
Phone: 510-891-4789   Fax: 510-962-4743

Procurement Instructions

To receive consideration quote must be delivered prior to the date and time listed above. All quotes shall be sent via submitted via email and properly endorsed as 2020-10433 Scope 1 AC Transit Map or 2020-10433 Scope 2 Regional Map. Please provide a separate quote for each map.

Scope of Work

Refer to the Scope of Work section in the 2 scopes. Please provide 2 different prices, one for each scope.

Please email questions regarding this solicitation to by 3/3/2020

Submittal Info

To be considered quotes must be received no later than 5pm local time on March 6, 2020 to: Please include quotes inclusive of permit fees, travel costs, hourly rates and materials. AC Transit Purchasing Department Dora English, Assistant Contracts Specialist Email:

Awarded Amount
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