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RFP 2020-10435 Public Information Education Consulting

RFP 2020-10435 Public Information Education Consulting

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The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (the “District”) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide public outreach consulting services in support of the District’s plan to possibly place a revenue measure for voter approval in the 2020 general election. The successful proposer will perform a Feasibility Assessment for such a measure, evaluating demographic trends among voters in the District and projected voter turnout, working with a pollster to understand current voter perceptions and needs. If the such a revenue measure proves feasible, the selected firm will Develop and refine a revenue measure for the ballot, determining the most favorable type of assessment; Develop and implement a public information and awareness program, selecting and supervising graphic designers, media outlets and other vendors associated with such an outreach effort; Prepare a seventy-five (75) Word Ballot Question and Provide Ongoing Strategic Advice, as needed.

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Patricia Jacobson
Phone: 510-891-4715  Fax: 

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