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RFQ 2020-10431 BRT San Leandro Transit Center Portable Toilets

RFQ 2020-10431 BRT San Leandro Transit Center Portable Toilets

AC Transit Number

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (‘AC Transit’ or the ‘District’) is the third largest public bus system in California, covering a 364-square mile service area. The District operates 156 bus lines with an average annual ridership of 51,760,000 million trips. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a new and innovative service that is a sub-brand of AC Transit and will be launching in the East Bay in late 2019. This type of service is often called “light rail on wheels” because it brings the frequency, safety and reliability of light rail to the bus rider without having to lay down the infrastructure required for rail transit. AC Transit’s BRT service will run the 9.5-mile corridor from Downtown Oakland to San Leandro BART, connecting people and places more efficiently. The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (hereinafter “AC Transit” or the “District”) is committed to provide a clean and safe environment to AC Transit employees. The District will provide a portable restrooms unit at San Leandro Transit Center. Adherence to the clauses on the attached (Exhibit A-Federal Clauses) is required. These terms will be incorporated into the resulting contract.

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Dora English
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Procurement Instructions

Quotes for this project are due by 19 May 2020. To receive consideration, quotes must be delivered prior to the deadline date. Quotes shall be submitted via email to In order to submit quotes to AC Transit, the electronic submission must be formatted using Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) with the file size not exceeding 10.0 megabytes. Files shall conform to the naming convention of: “Quote Number Company Name” {Ex: “RFQ2020-1234_AC Transit”}.
Quotes are to be submitted along with references by 19 May 2020. Quotes are to be submitted as a lump sum amount. Contractors can submit a more detailed quote based on the items below, editing timeline and any other components (travel, rentals, taxes, fees, etc.) for incremental progress payments however these costs cannot be variable and must total an all-inclusive lump sum quote for the entire project.

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