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September 2019 Employees of the Month

September 2019 Employees of the Month

September 05,2019

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep AC Transit buses on the road and running smoothly. Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. Our candidates are nominated by supervisors at our Central Maintenance Facility and at each of AC Transit’s four bus divisions in Emeryville, East Oakland, Hayward and Richmond. Winners from each of division and one from the Central Maintenance Facility are selected by the Superintendent of the division. Each winner receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the “Employee of the Month” winners for September 2019.


James Harrison

Transportation Supervisor

James Harrison is an exceptional employee.  He is hard working, helpful with fellow employees, knowledgeable and experienced.  Supervisor Harrison takes pride in his appearance and comes to work in a nicely pressed uniform. He gets the job done while also maintaining an amazing attitude!


Kenneth King

Parts Clerk

Mr. King has become a reliable source in a variety of areas within the district. He is a leader and an excellent part of the team that is a great balance to have in a highly reactive work environment. Mr. King is always willing to learn and is not afraid to ask questions. Mr. King is a true asset to the team. 


Moniker Jones Mims

Senior Clerk

Ms. Mims is a key player as our senior clerk who is very passionate about her job and is always willing to help others in need. Ms. Mims will not give up until the task has been completed. Ms. Mims is a true asset to D2.

Wendy Steve

Chief Dispatcher

Wendy Steve is a veteran employee whose dispatching expertise and diligence is always on display. Dispatching is an intricate puzzle in the Transportation industry, yet Ms. Steve maneuvers the fragments with ease. Her customer service and dispatching skills are second to none. Division 4 (D4) Transportation staff is truly privileged to have Chief Dispatcher Steve on the D4 Team.


Monica Jeffery

Senior Clerk

Ms. Jeffery is very knowledgeable about district policies and procedures. Ms. Jeffery treats everyone with respect, courtesy and is always willing to help anyone who walks through her door. Monica is a valuable asset to D3 who always goes above and beyond.

Baljit Bhandal

Bus Operator/EQ Division Clerk

Operator and Extra Qualified D3 Clerk Baljit Bhandal always performs above and beyond expectations. Mr. Bhandal does not hesitate to help when needed. He is a an ideal employee and deserving of the Employee of the Month nomination.  Congratulations, Mr. Bhandal!


Minh Quach

Service Employee

Mr. Quach has stepped up to take over leadership responsibilities at the fuel island in the evenings during a very busy time for us at D4. Mr. Quach has taken each challenge in stride and earned respect by showing strong leadership skills and a positive attitude. We truly appreciate all of Minh’s contributions to the success of our maintenance team.

Tonya Ruffin-Nelson

Bus Operator

Operator Tonya Ruffin-Nelson takes pride in providing safe and great customer service for passengers. As a veteran operator of eighteen years, she still enjoys the position and has absolutely no customer complaints. In fact, Ms. Ruffin-Nelson is often commended by passengers for providing great service. Operator Ruffin-Nelson is a role model employee and leader by example.


Jamie Archiega


Mr. Archiega takes the initiative and is proactive in gathering the information required for the task. He will assemble the tools required to complete the task on time. Mr. Archiega develops constructive working relationships with everyone and shows a willingness to go the extra mile during peak periods of work.

Ravinder Singh

Bus Operator

Operator Ravinder Singh represents the District by exercising exceptional professionalism and care for passengers. He completes scheduled tasks well and performs at a level beyond expectations. Customers describe Mr. Singh as professional, patient, kind, very helpful, and well mannered. Operator Singh’s sincerity in performing his duties is greatly appreciated. Great job, Mr. Singh!