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November 2019 Employees of the Month

November 2019 Employees of the Month

November 04,2019

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep AC Transit buses on the road and running smoothly. Each month, the District honors the service of those drivers and mechanics who contribute directly to this effort by awarding “Employee of the Month” honors from our Supervision, Maintenance and Transportation divisions. Our candidates are nominated by supervisors at our Central Maintenance Facility and at each of AC Transit’s four bus divisions in Emeryville, East Oakland, Hayward and Richmond. Winners from each of division and one from the Central Maintenance Facility are selected by the Superintendent of the division. Each winner receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the “Employee of the Month” winners for November


Donovan Crews

Transportation Supervisor

Supervisor Donovan Crews’ performance exceeds work expectations. Mr. Crews ensures Service Supervision provides adequate coverage, by assisting with early-out school service, and Operations Control Center (OCC) coverage when needed. Mr. Crews is a reliable team player and an asset to the Supervision Department.


Miguel Oliveras

Senior Body Mechanic

Mr. Oliveras works in the body shop at CMF and is always here with a positive attitude. Mr. Olvieras never hesitates to take on new challenges and plays a huge part in performing collision repairs on district vehicles.


David Gonzales

Service Employee

Mr. Gonzales is the absolute epitome of what an ideal employee should be. Mr. Gonzales possesses a strong work ethic along with an unparallel passion for his role. His commitment to producing the highest quality results with any tasks assigned to him is why everyone in the organization has complete respect for his capabilities. David continues to find ways to improve and is always willing to flex his schedule to accommodate the needs of the District.

Steven Jefferson

Bus Operator

Mr. Steven Jefferson conducts himself in a professional manner and is highly regarded by his peers.


Phyllis Jackson

Service Employee

As one of the Fuel Island Lead’s Ms. Jackson demonstrates a positive attitude toward work responsibilities and strives to keep our cleanliness scores up. She always gives her input on new ideas and ways we can improve. Ms. Jackson works well with her co-workers & supervisors and does not hesitate to help. She has been a valuable asset to the D-3 maintenance team. Thank you, Phyllis.

Maria Diaz


Maria Diaz is an exceptional operator that provides great customer service. She gives 100 percent by performing above and beyond required expectations daily. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work, Ms. Diaz!


Roberto Diaz

Heavy Duty Coach Mechanic

Mr. Diaz is a dedicated and helpful person who tackles any task handed to him and is always eager to take on challenges. Mr. Diaz is an asset to D4 and AC Transit.

Wahetta Johnson

Bus Operator

Operator Wahetta Johnson performs above and beyond the call of duty and always leads by example. Ms. Johnson maintains a smile and continues to be very passionate about training fellow co-workers on Bus Rapid Transit, Fuel Cell and Battery Electric Bus projects. Operator Wahetta Johnson is a great team player and an asset to the District.


Yuen Trieu

Service Employee

Mr. Yuen has very good work habits; he completes work assignments in a timely matter and never leaves a job undone. Mr. Yuen is a great role model and is always willing to help his fellow employees.

Sarbjit Gill

Bus Operator

Operator Sarbjit Gill is a dependable and reliable operator that inspires others to achieve excellence. He models dedication, consistency and ingenuity in providing excellent customer service daily. Operator Gill’s work ethic and actions reveal his commitment to the District’s mission and talent for leading by example.