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Connect with Us

Connect with Us

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AC Transit encourages our riders and the public to connect and engage to be informed and learn more about our services and commitment to our communities. Consider following us on social media, sign up for line-specific notifications, or use the Contact tab below to provide input and comments.

Social Media

AC Transit staff utilizes social media to engage with our riders wherever they are.

We want our riders to know that we are here to share information about our service and help improve the transit experience. When you engage with us on social media, you will get direct access to our designated staff who can help you with trip planning, answer any questions about our service or programs, and help escalate problems that need to be addressed.     

We’re on multiple platforms to provide as many ways for riders to interact with us as possible. Our social media accounts are staffed 6am-7pm, Monday-Friday, and we provide non-automated, live-service updates on Twitter during the week.

We welcome follows, likes, tags, mentions, tweets, new connections, hashtags, Instagram posts, and engagements of all forms.

We hope you enjoy connecting and interacting with us! #RideACT #ACTransitStrong

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  • Real-time details and alerts about planned and unplanned detours and disruptions
  • Real-time service alerts about major system-wide disruptions or major delays
  • Share information about community and Board Meetings and all other formal and informal ways to engage with us
  • Respond to rider questions, listen to input, forward recommendations, and address any reported problems
  • Advocate for civic actions and active participation in initiatives and efforts that help further the cause of public transportation and provide equitable and safe access to bus service in our communities
  • Share information about public engagement opportunities and ways to engage with us formally and informally
  • Information about career opportunities, events, networking, and promoting or announcing new program or service launches
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Brand building
  • Connect with the community about what is going on at AC Transit
  • Share information about initiatives, event, new programs, and services

AC Transit Social Media Policy

AC Transit’s Social Media Policy, adopted in March 2020, provides guidelines for employees, designated staff, and members of the public about social media use in a way that is consistent with our goals and objectives and aligns with our core values, including service quality, innovation, and integrity.

Read our Social Media Policy here.


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For more information on how to reach us, including Customer Service Center location, please visit our Contact page.