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Mission, Vision & Strategy

Mission, Vision & Strategy

ZEB at airport (Mission + Vision page)

Our Vision

AC Transit is valued as a leader that helps the Bay Area thrive by connecting East Bay communities to each other and to regional destinations.

RETOUCHED: Rider shadows on Transbay bus (Mission + Vision page)

Our Mission

We deliver safe, reliable, sustainable transit service that responds to the needs of our customers and communities.

Our Strategy

The AC Transit Board of Directors adopted the Strategic Plan in 2019 which established long- and short-range goals to guide business decisions, processes, and measure performance. The Strategic Plan is a living document and is updated to reflect new conditions and challenges faced by the District. In 2022, the Board of Directors passed an addendum which enables the Plan to be responsive to various changing environments through a newly minted “Revive and Thrive” framework.

Our Core Values


We will plan and deliver bus service in ways that promote the health and safety of our customers, our employees, and the general public.


We are committed to a service structure that directs resources to rider groups with the greatest need and also offers the greatest opportunity to support car-free urban living in the Inner East Bay. We expect that the customer experience in using the system is safe, reliable, fast, clean, and pleasant.

Environmental Sustainability

We will create a culture of environmental stewardship through the use of technologies, procedures, and policies that reduce the environmental impact of District operations and contribute to regional, state, and federal sustainability goals while supporting environmental justice in the communities most affected by the District’s decisions.


We believe that equity of access to mobility should be a factor in all agency decisions. This means balancing the needs of people who have special transportation challenges with the geographic coverage expected throughout the District as well as addressing the needs of underrepresented populations.


We are open to adoption of new technologies, procedures, and practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


We always try to do the right thing and be honest and straightforward with each other and the public we serve.


We respect our customers and colleagues and treat them as we want to be treated. We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions and believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.