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AC Transit Employees' Retirement System

AC Transit Employees' Retirement System

The Alameda- Contra Costa Transit District Retirement System is dedicated to providing a secure and predictable source of retirement income for eligible employees, retirees and beneficiaries. The AC Transit Employees’ Retirement System provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to former eligible employees of AC Transit and their beneficiaries. The Retirement Plan is administered by the Retirement Board, an independent public entity responsible for the general management of the Plan.

Contact the Staff

If you have any questions pertaining to retirement please email us at

Gille, Cris (510) 891-7257 Associate Retirement System Analyst
Kaur, Gurman (510) Retirement System Staff
Ng, Bertina (510) 891-4890 Retirement System Analyst
Herron, Jason (510) 891-4752 Retirement System Administrator
Wildmann, Hugo (510) 891-4889 Retirement System Manager

The assets of the Plan are held at Northern Trust Bank and are under the control of the Retirement Board. The daily operations are administered by the Retirement System Manager, Hugo Wildmann, who is assisted by the Retirement System Administrator, Jason Herron, the Retirement System Analyst, Bertina Ng, the Associate Retirement System Analyst Cris Gille, and Retirement System Staff Member Gurman Kaur. If you have any questions pertaining to your retirement, we encourage you to call us at (510) 891-7257.